Digitization and correction

Home archive on a magnetic or film tape? This is awkward!
Magnetic tape recorder broke, but you still have these tapes of different formats and quality.
We can bring you archive into shape.
And you will have a disc with a beautiful desing at hand when needed.

There are two ways to digitize materials – linear and non-linear.
Linear – there are many different recorders that will help you digitize video by yourself.
What are the disadvantages of such method?
1. You cannot correct and edit videos;
2. There is no way to improve the quality of video and audio;
3. Recorders encode files in their own formats which might not be supported by certain types of players.

Non-linear – a method we use.
The material is digitized to a computer with the use of a special graphics card. At this stage, we can immediately cut out unnecessary sections.
The advantages of this method are obvious:
1. We can edit video (editing, color correction, adding digital effects, and more);
2. We can edit audio (background music, narration record, etc.);
3. We can create an individual DVD-menu;
4. Not only we can preserve the quality, but also to improve it.

We work with almost any format of cassettes and tapes:
VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, Digital 8mm, Betacam SP, 8, 16 and 35mm tape cassetes.
We also work with almost any recordings: vinyl records, bobbins, tapes, CDs, mini-disks.

We will make your archive brighter!