About us

“AV Production” Studio was established on 12 April 2002.
Since that time we have continuously developed our services.
In 2002 – we provided photo and video recording services only.
From 2003 – we introduced loudspeaker equipment rental service.
2004 – we launched video editing and processing service.
2006 – we established a design and graphics department.
2007 – we equipped a sound recording studio.
2008 – we launched a CD and DVD duplication and branding unit.
2012 – we established a representation office in Astana.
Our team is a constantly improving group of young and creative professionals who have interesting ideas and knowledge of their business. We also have a database of freelancers such as copywriters, speakers, musicians, composers, artists, designers, etc.

Today, «AV Production» provides the following services:

VIDEO STUDIO: production of branding and documentary videos, advertising, social, intracorporate video clips.

AUDIO STUDIO: production of audio clips, recording of songs, phonograms, soundtracks, dubbing, singing lessons.

CD AND DVD DUPLICATION AND BRANDING: СD, DVD, CD cards, mini CD, Blu-ray, packaging of any complexity, printing.

DESIGN STUDIO: 3D modeling, photo sessions, brand books, web sites, multimedia presentations, electronic manuals.

EQUIPMENT RENTAL: acoustic systems, microphones, projectors, screens, conference systems and simultaneous translation equipment.

Today, having a 10-year experience, the ability of complex problem solving in the field of audio and visual, advertising and presentation production, our own production facility, equipment and licensed software, we continue to follow our mission – providing high quality and relevant product in a professional manner as quickly as possible.

We will be your reliable partner, friend and advisor!